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Feddersen 22XG Brass Alloy 10/22 Receiver

Feddersen 22XG Brass Alloy 10/22 Receiver

Fred Feddersen is one of those guys who constantly is coming up with a new ideas… sometimes it is tough to keep up.  This Feddersen Special Bronze Alloy 10/22 receiver is yet another new idea from his never idling mind. Only Fred would ask the question “why has no one made a heavy shiney high precision solid Special Bronze Alloy 10/22 receiver?” The result is the single most stunning 10/22 receiver I have ever seen which is still plug and play compatible with all factory and aftermarket 10/22 accessories.

The company is known by many names; Feddersen, R4,, and  Even with that identity crisis, Feddersen is a name people know. The company was founded in 1979 by Fred Feddersen and has become rather famous for his world record breaking patented R4 SIPR .50 BMG gun barrels.  The company’s barrels are so well regarded that they do also have several military contracts for their proprietary barrel designs.  Fred has been making gun barrels for quite some time and knows that there is more to making match quality gun barrels than just drilling a hole in a steel rod and pulling a rifling button through it.  Fred prides himself on offering the straightest bores in the industry all thanks to his patented process and machines. Each and every step of their in house barrel production is unique and in fact their entire process is patented and a trade secret process.

Unlike many barrel or firearms manufacturers, Feddersen is not buying pre-rifled blanks and just finishing them to their own specs, they are producing 100% of their barrels in house from solid round bar stock.  They have a special drilling process, a patented ultra-sensitive lapping/honing process, unique patented and proprietary SEPR - Single Edged Polygonal Rifling, and one of the few companies in the world which offer a barrel with near perfect centricity and straightness between the bore and profile. 

Amazingly enough their 10/22 barrels start at only $145, but they also manufacture ¼ moa blanks for .223 and .308. Noteable my AR .223 and .308 barrel  are the most accurate barrels I have owned including my $500+ custom barrels and my 10/22 Feddersen barrels have delivered 50-yard .12x” groups. The voodoo that Fred’s patented design and trade secret process delivers superb accuracy which rivals the best barrels anywhere.

With all the 10/22 accuracy fame around Feddersen’s barrels it seemed like a natural development to create a 10/22 receiver, but like everything else, Fred had to do it better and differently.  Fred decided on a high Special Bronze Alloy for a number of reasons. The Special Bronze Alloy receiver is stunning but there are other advantages beyond the looks.

The Special Bronze Alloy is considerably heavier than aluminum which delivers a stiffer and more substantial feeling 10/22 build which in turn should deliver improved accuracy. The Special Bronze Alloy is also naturally slick and for the most part self lubricating. I can tell you that bolt glides back and forth like it is on bearings - it is amazingly smooth.

Feddersen integrated an extended 1913 spec picatinny rail into the receiver. Another notable feature is the barrel trunnion v-block area is specced to precisely fit a .920 bull barrel profile, so instead of a gap around the barrel, the trunnion actually provides support to assure there is no barrel droop.

Feddersen is still in the process of starting up production on the 10/22 receivers, however the initial plans are to offer the receiver in several versions with polished or standard finishes. The models will includes Special Bronze Alloy 22XG, Nickel Alloy 22XN, and Aluminum 22XA billets versions.  The Brass Nickel Alloy 22XG are planned to have a $375 retail, Nickel Alloy 22XN $385, and Aluminum 22XA $175 billets versions.

I am not going to rehash the stunning accuracy the Feddersen barrels deliver, however I will point out that I have won bets with Feddersen barrels like slicing  cards at 25 to 50 yards with the right ammo. This Feddersen Special Bronze Alloy 22XG only enhances that accuracy. My best 50-yard groups are now solidly in the .1X” range with Lapua Center X.

Special Bronze Alloy 22XG $375 retail
Nickel Alloy 22XN $385 retail
Aluminum 22XA $275 retail

Feddersen 22XG 10/22 Receiver
Volquartsen Trigger Unit
Feddersen 16.25” Fluted Bull Barrel
Tactical Innovations Match Bolt and Red Charging handle
Burris Timberline 4.5-14 Scope


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What stock is on your Feddersen .22lr build?

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That is freakin gorgeous !!!

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That is just freakin gorgeous !!!

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