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MVB Collapsible Stock Review

MVB Collapsible Stock Review

At this year’s 2016 SHOT show, it seemed the majority of quality Short Barreled Rifles (SBR) at the show featured MVB Collapsible Stocks. Reason for that popularity is that MVB is regarded as the shortest, highest quality and most easily used ergonomic collapsible AR15 buttstocks on the market.

As many readers will know, I am a huge unpaid and unsponsored supporter of Barnes Precision Machine’s AR15s and believe they are among the finest AR15s available for the money. The same goes for their SBRs and AR15 pistols. The featured Barnes Precision BPM-15 SBR started its life with me as a Sig Brace equipped AR15 pistol while I waited...and waited for my SBR tax stamp application to be approved. The build is equipped with a Meprolight M21 sight, Mission First Tactical Torch Light, Rogers Rail Light, and PWS CQB brake. This setup gives me everything I could need in one very compact package regardless of what time the clock says. With a 40-round Magpul mag or ETS coupleable magazines as backup, this is a lot of firepower in a compact package that will still deliver 300-400 yard hits on man sized targets easily off-hand.

It was awesome to still be able to use and shoot the BPM-15 pistol while I waited (cough - five months) for the ATF to send my approved SBR tax stamps. With tax stamps in hand, it becomes legal to make an SBR by removing the buffer tube and stabilizing brace and installing any AR15 rifle stock. In this case the MVB Collapsible Stock was installed and I must admit worth the wait and $200 tax stamp.

One of the reasons I selected the MVB was that Andrew Barnes personally recommended it to me as the best ultra compact collapsible stock on the market. I had the opportunity to handle the vast majority of MVB competitors and none of them had captured all the features MVB had executed on their stock.

The MVB is a stout 23oz of steel and billet aluminum which can be installed on any standard AR15 rifle or tax stamped SBR. This is a no joke high tier $355 collapsible stock which should be noted is not for everyone. Most people a standard AR15 collapsible stock will work ont their SBR, but it you really want the best and most compact solution, MVB is it.

The biggest advantage is that when collapsed, the stock only adds 4-⅞” from the back of the receiver. Consider a standard standard carbine buffer tube adds nearly 7” to the back of a receiver, a 2”+ savings is huge when compactness is the goal of an SBR. Unlike almost every other solution on the market, MVB achieved this compact size does this without the need for a specialized/proprietary Carrier. Any Mil Spec equivalent carrier is compatible with the included MVB bolt insert. The insert slips into the rear of a Mil Spec carrier and allows the entire buffer tube and compound dual spring assembly to mitigate the recoil in an space essentially half as long as a standard buffer tube. An impressive feat which is patented.
The stock with work with both direct impingement and piston systems. The Barnes BPM-15 is a DI systems and I also swapped to a Superlative Arms Piston driven upper to verify that the MVB also worked there as well.   The MVB stock still delivers five position functionality with a fully extended length of 8-⅞”.

One of the best features which really sets MVB apart is the single handed stock extension. Grab the back of the stock and your hand naturally depresses the lock release which allows the stock to be extended or collapsed. Every other stock on the market requires a shooter to use one hand to pull out the stock and the other to push a release button. With MVB, the shooter jull pulls/rips out the stock to extension with one hand and they are ready to party.

All the MVB kits are supplied with springs and buffer.  There are a number of kits which range from various buffer weights intended for 5.56 cased AR15 builds, 9mm buffer systems, and even .308 for those sadistic deaf bastards who want a SBR .308.

The install was pretty simple. If you have the skills to remove a pistol or rifle buffer tube, you have the skills to install the MVB stock. Installation should take less than ten minutes at a leisurely pace. The only marginally confusing part was figuring out the order of how the compound springs, buffers, and bolt interface were installed, however the instructions are good.

I have a little over 3000 rounds through my little Barnes MVB stock equipped SBR and I have yet to have a fumble or hiccup running MVB’s standard H1 buffer assembly. Reliability has been perfect.

Notably the MVB stock is incredibly strong, although I would not necessarily use it to start breaking down doors. The best way I can describe the MVB stock is graceful. A shooter can go from backpack, to extended stock, to shooting in seemingly an instant. Conversely, every other stock I have tested and handled so far feel clunky and slow. The main reason is that two hands are needed to extend and contract the stock. If you carry an SBR for a living you know that the majority of your time is getting in and out of cars and buildings where it seems the stock is getting opened or closed in each transition. Having a stock that requires two hands each time for operation will get old fast. Shorter is better when it comes to SBRs and short is something MVB does better than anyone. In the and the MVB stocks deliver a more compact solution which allows you to get to work faster and work this setup... will do.

$355.00–$385.00 Collapsible PDW Stock

This is a 5 – position collapsible stock for an AR-15 rifle.  Works with any existing Mil-Spec Bolt Carrier allowing use with both gas impingement and gas piston systems.  Requires only one-handed operation and will lock in the closed, intermediate and extended positions.  Supplied with Springs and buffer.

H1 Buffer is standard size buffer (3.9 oz)   $355.00
H0 Buffer is 3.1 oz   $355.00
H2 Buffer is 4.6 oz   $365.00
H3 Buffer is 5.3 oz   $375.00
PWS Buffer is 4.7 oz and is specific to the PWS upper system.   $385.00
PWS MK1 MOD1 uppers, rifles and pistols produced from 01-01-13 to 12-31-15 were equipped with a carrier with added mass in the tail that requires our PWS specific smaller diameter buffer for the ARC Stocks.
For all PWS MK1 MOD2 uppers and firearms, the carrier has the standard carrier tail bore dimensions and is compatible with our standard diameter buffers

Weight:                                                          23 oz.
Length Collapsed:                                       4 – 7/8″   (from lower receiver buffer extension)
Length Extended:                                        8 – 7/8″
Position increments:                                    5 x 1″


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