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Aero Precision Limited Edition AR15 Builder Sets

Aero Precision Limited Edition AR15 Builder Sets

For well over five years I have been using Aero Precision receivers for a variety of builds, reviews and articles simply because of one reason - Quality. I can count on the builds looking great, going together without a problem and performing exceptionally. In fact, I was one of the first writers ever feature Aero Precision back when they were primarily an aerospace manufacturer and were just starting to make receivers. From my perspective Aero Precision are the best quality forged mil-spec upper and lower receivers on the market for AR builders. What should not be surprising is that they also OEM manufacture receivers for many AR15 companies people would recognize. Over the years Aero Precision created the COP (Continuous Optics Platform) forged upper which remains the strongest full monolithic upper receiver on the market. They also introduced one of the simplest ambi-receivers on the market and later a lightweight and insanely strong semi-monolithic M4E1 receivers.

The company has always been very creative in their product development and marketing. Aero Precision was also one of the first large manufacturers to start offering factory cerakoted stripped receivers and accessories. That initial custom offering has now morphed into offering Limited Edition Builder sets that deliver a stunning platform to complete your custom build.

A few years ago, AP began offering basic black or flat dark earth finished builder sets which included a M4E1 upper and handguard with forward assist and ejection port door installed, a stripped lower receiver, and extended trigger guard. The kit concept was stunningly popular with AR15 builders. The builders ended up with a well engineered, tight fitting build that was ready for whatever parts they wanted to use.

AP decided to expand that idea by offering a limited edition run each month featuring custom themed finishes. Per their plan, they will never repeat any finish, so each limited edition set is truly limited - they will not make more. The best way to be notified about an upcoming builder set is to follow AP on one of their social media sites. If you see one you like, my advice is you better buy quick. Each monthly run is limited to only 200 units and they do sell out very fast usually within a day or two of release.

Over the last year, AP has offered a wide range of limited run finishes includes some from Blown Deadline, Legal Manufacturing, and many others notable finishing companies plus some custom cerakote colors you just do not see very often including this Noveske Bazooka Green cerakote AR15 pistol. Each of these custom finishes would cost at least $200, these builder kits are a significant bargain at $499 considering AP sells the all black builder kit components for $390. Plus there is no waiting to the backlogged coaters to work your project in. You are almost guaranteed that you will not see anyone at the range with the same AR15.

With several of Aero Precision’s initial titanium, bronze, and silver cerakoted AR15 builds complete, I was a little slow to jump at at least of their limited edition sets and missed one of the Blown Deadline sets that I really wanted. From them on, I have kept my eyes peeled.  Late last year, I was able to grab a Legal Manufacturing coated Nickel Boron Battle Worn finish builder set. A receiver and handguard set coated in NiBo, who would not want that. A couple months later, Aero Precision had Noveske Bazooka Green cerakoted builder kits. I was late to the party however it turns out a short handguard builder set was run as a test and luckily was able to snag that… truely a one off custom.

These days the builder has it pretty easy. For both builds, all the parts with the exception of the Black Hole Weaponry barrel and ELF trigger components were all sourced from either Aero Precision or Brownells which made things incredibly easy. Brownells does have an enormous selection now of AR15 custom parts including some of the more custom parts like Battle Arms Development and VSeven. Notably being able to lay out all the parts in one shopping cart does really help me visualize how everything will work together and saves a ton on shipping from various vendors.

Nickel Boron Battle Worn - I am not sure I am completely done with this build. I think I am still too awestruck at the finish to figure out what I want to do with some of the mil-spec part replacements and which paracord would work to wrap the stock. Likely this build will resurface again. 

The shown working build was completed with a Black Hole Weaponry 18” polished .223 Wylde stainless steel light weight stainless steel barrel, Brownells Ni-Bo Bolt Carrier Superlative Arms adjustable gas block, Stainless steel ALG Defense Brake, Geissele SD-E trigger, charging handle and Super Precision 34mm scope mount, KNS Anti-Rotate Pins, YHM Pivot Pins, and Bushnell Elite Tactical ERS 3.5-21 34mm scope, Magpul grip, and Ace Stock. There is no doubt that the Geissele SD-E trigger and Bushnell scope allowed the Black Hole Weaponry barrel to deliver some stunning groups for this slim lightweight barrel.

Noveske Bazooka Green AR15 Pistol - This true one off custom builder set Aero Precision had done was a production sample to just to test the color. It did have some blemishes since it had been a well handled sample, but I freaking love it. Though I usually love to add in something shiney, I opted to just go with basic black even though pretty much every accessory on the gun was aftermarket custom. 

The unique flat billet aluminum ejection port cover and smooth line bolt release are VSeven. Other accessories are Mission First Tactical grip, BCM Charging handle, KNS anti-rotate pins, Battle Arms Development magazine release, and Law Tactical Folding Stock Adapter to keep things compact for storage.  

YHM Bolt Carrier Group and pivot pins were used along with a new pencil profile Ballistic Advantage 10.5” barrel tipped with a Wilson Combat flash hider. I have never tested any ELF components and they are all top tier quality. Featured on this build was an ELF flat adjustable trigger and button safety which were both unique and exceptional upgrades to any AR15. The ELF Button Safety is insanely fast to manipulate.

The quality of these builder kits are phenomenal and the price is quite reasonable considering what you are getting.  

If you have walked through an AR15 build and made your build mistakes with a cheap lower receiver and now have all the appropriate tools, this would be my recommended next step to creating that really nice AR15 for yourself with top shelf components. 

Brownells also does have all the tools to complete your next build the right way. Coated AR15s are the big thing this year from everyone in the AR market, but I think Aero Precision is still way ahead of the curve with these unique limited edition builder sets. Follow Aero Precision on social media to be one of the first to own the next AP limited edition set.

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