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Century Arms RAS47 AKM AK-47 Rifle Review

Century Arms RAS47 AKM AK-47 Rifle Review

I reviewed the first Century International Arms American made C39 Centurion rifle when it was first introduced and I loved it. Featuring a billet ordnance grade steel receiver, that original V1 C39 with a has been the base for many upgrades and reviews and along the way has been a perfectly reliable AK47. It looks like hell at this point, but just keep working. Century International Arms then offered a C39V2 model which offer a 100% US made AK47 with all the nice little touches you would expect from a gentleman's AK47. Stunning glossy blued finish and beautiful wooden stocks.  Century Arms expended that billet ordnance steel line offering then with Magpul Zuhkov furniture and now is offering a lighter 100% American model with stamped receiver dubbed the RAS47.

This Century Arms RAS47 delivers another 100% American made and 100% based American parts rifle with the upgraded trigger, muzzle brake, and Magpul Zuhkoz furniture but now in a stamped 16-gauge 4140 steel shot folded steel receiver. This model is nearly a pound lighter than the billet ordnance steel receiver model and includes a standard side optic mount for an optional optics mount. The Century Arms RAS47 is a classic high quality updated AK-47 which has been termed the AKM. If you see an AK-47 style gun labeled AKM, it should indicate that it has been upgraded/updated from the older original specs.

Where the Century Arms RAS47 is different is that this rifle really does offer a true set of upgraded components. This is not your typical set of dubious parts from around the globe and then just assembled in the US AK-47, instead this rifle is completely made from all US made components and then assembled here in the US. Having owned and sold a few no-name AKs with dubiously sourced parts, I will state that there can be a huge quality, reliability, and accuracy difference between a high quality US made AK and the internally sourced models. With the RAS47, you know that you are getting top quality.  

Beyond the quality, the insanely comfortable Magpul Zukov furniture, and included side optics mount, Century Arms has carried forward their exceptionally great RAK-1 enhanced trigger group. Where my heavy billet V1 C39 makes a great scout rifle, this Century Arms RAS47 stamped receiver is exactly what I want for a red-dot equipped AKM - updated AK-47.

The RAS47 features 4150 chrome moly steel with nitride finish.  The nitriding also delivers the look and feel of a higher end barrel finish. Other new features are the T-paddle extended magazine release, a Magpul AK Mag, bolt hold open safety, enhanced dust cover, and lightened bolt carrier assembly for improved performance. 

The included RAK1 "enhanced trigger" is the closest thing to a match trigger for AK47 on the market. The trigger is worlds better than the triggers typically found on AK's.

The remaining internals and sights on the rifle remain unchanged from the previous US made C39 rifles. The removable and effective Century slant compensator remains as do the standard adjustable AK front sight pin and rear sight are fully windage and elevation adjustable from 100 to 800 yards.

I had no issues throughout testing from a function perspective. A side Aimpoint T-1 Micro red dot format optics mount was also included for my review. I tested several different red dots and also the return-to-zero capability after removal and I am very impressed with the robust time tested design and return-to-zero reliability. I settled on a Vortex Sparc which I had a screw-in 3X multiplier. This delivers both a fast red dot and the option for a little more precision for longer shots. My only complaint is that currently I am not aware of other compatible side optics picatinny mounts fro the C39/RAS47 format optics side mount. Centry has mutliple bolt mount points on the top of the side mount rail, but I have not found any compatible rails mounts to provide the flexibility to swap between a magnified optic or a red-dot.

When it comes to high end ammo, Hornady has a pretty nice selection. Like the C39 series tested previously, my best groups were from the Hornady Zombie Max ammo which is very close to Hornady’s top grade 7.62x39 steel cased ammo.  With the regular $6 a box Herters/Tula/Wolf ammo I saw around 4” groups at 100 yards off the rest with iron sights. However with the Hornady rounds my best group was in the 1.5” range at 100 yards. This gun gets the job done and and as expected with any AK it is not a tack-driver.

The Century Arms AK-47 line has been a great set of rifles which have see a lot of use my me with training, plinking, and even hunting. Consider that the 7.62x39 has just a bit more umph than the time proven 30-30 whitetail and hog round and you can easily consider slipping in a 5-round magazine for hunting all in a rifle package design which has been already time tested to take a huge beating. With the exception of my Henry lever action, this is my favorite gun for quick stalking based hunts where shots are unlikely beyond 150 yards.

This new RAK47 model offers AK-47 aficionados a very well appointed, light, and nice looking firearm option with some well thought out refinements and performance upgrades which also add to the cosmetic quality feel of the rifle. What I like about the Century Arms RAS47 is that they have put a 100% made AKM/AK-47 all together into an extremely well appointed and light rifle which is ready for anything.

Caliber: 7.62x39mm
Action: Semi-automatic
Capacity: 30+1
Barrel length: 16.5"
Barrel material: 4150 chrome moly steel with nitride finish
Barrel twist: 1:10"
Stock: Magpul® Zhukov-S
Receiver: Stamped 1/16" 4140 steel with nitride finish
Pistol grip: Magpul® MOE
Sights (front/rear): AKM standard
Handguard: Magpul® Zhukov
Flash hider: Slant
Overall folded length: 25.25"
Overall deployed length: 34.75"-37.25"
Overall weight: 7.22 lbs.
Model Number: R12405N
100% Made entirely in the USA from only USA-made parts
MSRP $799
Street Price:  $740

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