Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Ohh Christmas Tree, Ohh Gun Themed Christmas Tree

Ohh Christmas Tree, Ohh Gun Themed Christmas Tree

After seeing well a little over a hundred gun locks collected over the years hanging from a shelf in the garage, Mrs Pandemic said “hey I can use those… for a Xmas tree” Perplexed, I asked if she was concerned whether someone would steal our tree. The answer was “no stupid, for tree decorations”, and thus began the quest for the remainder of the year to find firearm themed tree decorations. 

I will note that Mrs Pandemic did a beautiful job on the tree to the point that from a distance it looks like a regular decorated tree. 

Up close, holiday visitors will see about five pounds of black gun locks were hung with care on the silver and black themed tree along with stainless grenade and drink cooler bullets, peace and Christmas ornaments, and chicken wire ribbon. 

A couple of the coolest ornaments were the dozen 300 Win Mag nickel cases I seated black moly silver tip bullets, the Texas shooting star topping the tree which was a modified tree star with cardboard target circles cut out and stick on Birchwood orange targets attached. 

For those with sharp eyes, the apparent PWS Primary Weapons Systems theme may be obvious. The story behind that was purely accidental. During my last AR15 based PWS 9mm Carbine pistol build, a PWS keychain bottle opener was included in the box. 

After struggling to find little gun ornaments that “did not look like plastic garbage”, Mrs Pandemic scoped up the little cast metal bottle openers and asked can if I could get fifty more of these? 

 A call to PWS peaked their interest in what I would be doing with fifty of their bottle openers which lead to a discussion about the tree. This is a time being a writer has a few perks.

PWS not only offered up a volume discount for bottle openers, but threw in a few other overstock keychains from previous years, and also offered me an “overstock” deal on PWS AK74 CBQ brakes which were already on sale from $150, to $70. Ornaments complete.

For those familiar with the PWS CQB brake it is not only the best CQB entry brake on the market, fifteen of them hung via paracord make beautiful bomb-proof tree decorations and can be year around accessories as ornaments during Christmas, conversation pieces on desks, and of course excellent muzzle brakes for your next build. 
At least that was how PWS positioned it to me. 

A few of these may get stolen from the tree post holiday for non-ornament use thanks to some 1/2-28 to M24 and 5/8-24 to M24x1.5 muzzle adapters. Of course I placed two of my favorite PWS AR pistol builds next to the tree. If you need awesome ornaments, I would check out PWS and of course they make some mighty fine firearms as well.

We also found that you can get custom gift wrapping paper with your own image form Zazzle.com. It is not cheap nor fast, but it is premium quality.  They have a great selection of really good gun themed paper already, but we uploaded a few of our own including a PWS pistol and is looked awesome on the paper.

Continuing the theme, Mrs Pandemic found a Howitzer ammo crate which was decorated with led wire lights referencing all the fences we hunter cross during a hunt. Topping the crate are Champion Clays, a deer antler, and hunting themed nutcrackers. 

A glitter deer flanks the other side of the tree. It is great to see non-gun people see the tree and note how beautiful it is and then start to sputter a bit as they realized all that beauty is gun stuff. I did have to stop my wife from slipping her custom grade Benelli 828U under the tree, because we too believe this is a beautiful way to celebrate the holiday.

Merry Christmas everyone, God Bless, and have a wonderful 2018 and 2019!

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