Monday, February 15, 2021

Old and New Reloading Manuals Load Data Resources PDFs

 Old and New Reloading Manuals Load Data Resources PDFs

Like everyone else in the shooting sports community, I am scrambling to buy components for reloading.  If you are an existing reloader, then your already know there just is not a lot of stuff out there. What you can find you buy now fast and worry about what you can reload with it later. Even worst case you buy it because you know you can trade it for something you do need. 

Shopping for ammo and reloading components has become like pandemic shopping at the grocery store. You do not have the luxury of being able to create the perfect recipe for your 30-30 or 45-70 lever action or chicken chow mein, but you know that with a jar of expired peanut butter, off brand soy sauce and some type of meat, you can make some peanut butter chicken-ish Asian inspired dish that is not all bad. 

That means I am personally am now using SRP - Small Rifle Primers as a substitute for both small pistol and small pistol magnum primers and in some cases magnum pistol primers for small pistol primers. I am also going back in time through years of reloading manuals to figure out what all can I reload with the 1970s 8-lb metal can of 296 that I bought after finding it sitting in the corner of my gun dealer's shop.

Currently, I am attempting to reload 45-70 with Accurate 2495 with 500gr soft points and unless you go back to a Circa 2000 or 1994 Accurate powders reloading manual, you are not going to find a load for it. Would you believe there is a IMR 3031 load as well. Once you find the powder you have, then it becomes the juggle around that same time period to find out who has the bullets you have matched with a load for that powder. Yeah digging through these archives sucks, but historically it can also be kind of fun. There is gold in them there files... reloading gold.

I am also seeing a lot of old expired/retired and surplus powders on gun show tables that unless you are over 80 years old, these powders are not going to seem at all familiar. Being able to go back in time and figure out what you could use a half a can of unfamiliar powder for that you scored can be an amazing adventure. Having that is a somewhat searchable PDF Google Drive helps tremendously.

There is no warranty, assistance, or help included with this post and use of any of the documents for reloading and all is provided with an express USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.  If you are a reloader you know the risks and know that some of these very old manuals were really pushing the limits of the strength of the firearms.

Over the last few months, each time I find a reloading manual online in PDF format I download it and now I have a pretty expansive library I am making available to you. Of note, I have no idea where I found many of these, claim no license or otherwise ownership and note that all of these publications are out of print or otherwise considered public domain or product support from the manufacturers. Here is the big Google Drive file of Gigabits of  Old and New Reloading Manuals Load Data Resources PDFs

Have fun, and stay safe with the use of these. Reload on my Pandemians.

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Prepare2Survive said...

I use a software program called " quickload " to calculate load data for bullet and powder combinations that are hard to find published data on.