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Umarex ReadyAir PCP Compressor under $550

Umarex ReadyAir PCP Compressor under $550
Umarex ReadyAir

Shooting PCP Pre-Charged Pneumatic precision airguns are a game-changing experience in the airgun world. PCP airguns allow near continuous shooting without pumping or large recocking strokes which greatly increases shot to shot consistency and makes airgunning a whole lot more fun. Just feed the chamber pellets and keep shooting. After dozens or even 100s of shots, the onboard air cylinder can be topped off with a high-pressure pump or separate refill tank. Recharging the onboard PCP tank is usually as simple as connecting to a larger holding tank, usually an air refill scuba tank and in under a minute you are back on target.
Umarex ReadyAir Review
Add in the typically amazing accuracy of PCP often equipped with Lothar Walther barrels and you really don’t want to shoot anything else. The fun ends when your refill scuba tank is empty and you have to use a high-pressure hand pump. Plan on breaking a sweat for 30-minutes. The lazy man’s approach is to throw the scuba tank into the truck for a trip to the scuba shop for a refill or the ultimate is to plug into your own pricey high pressure air compressor. Umarex to the rescue with a sub-$550 PCP high pressure air compressor that any PCP airgun owner can afford.

High pressure PCP air compressors are typically a special breed in the $1000-$5000 range and not your hardware store variety 150PSI compressors. When we are talking about high pressure we are talking about 3000-4500PSI which usually means a lot of safety stuff, specialized internals and often a lot of maintenance.
You may read this as a non-high-tier airgunner and think what hell is this guy thinking of a $550 compressor, but for PCP airgunners this is like the heavens opened up and dropped...well a high pressure compressor in our lap. So let me first address the insanity and prices that PCP precision airgunners are accustomed to. When the PCP crowd starts talking about airguns, they are usually talking about $400-$1500 airguns with the big .357, .457, and .50 caliber bore versions sucking down big gulps of air with every shot and larger initial prices … so a $550 high pressure compressor is in the budget range. With $35-$50 scuba tank refills, the payback on even a $1000 compressor makes sense, but with Umarex quality and a $550 price tag this is going to be a slam dunk for airgun shooters.

The new ReadyAir offers owners an endless supply of high-pressure air for not only PCP airguns, but also for paintball shooters as well. Instead of trips to the fill shops and hand pumps you can plug in and charge at home in a matter of minutes. Generally the PCP compressors require oil or water and usually some degree of maintenance, but the ReadyAir has a lower maintenance interval, smart auto overheat and pressure shut off. The ReadyAir is also 110V or 12V without some wonky converter box so it will work at home and at the range from battery power. The ReadyAir can also deliver the big 4500 PSI capacity guns and do it precisely with a simple digital control panel.

Of note, high pressure compressors do require some maintenance unlike the compressor in your garage, but the Umarex design is oil-less and does not require oil or water maintenance. Like all high pressure compressors, ReadyAir owners will have to replace the compressor seals at the service interval. The process is well documented via an Umarex video. If you have no plans for maintenance, then any high pressure compressor purchase should be reconsidered as these are very high and potentially dangerous pressures we are working with here. Safety should always be a consideration including safety glasses.

The ReadyAir fills pretty fast. Generally air tank connected refills are near instantaneous, but for a compressor, the ReadyAir is pretty quick with most airguns fully charged from empty within about fifteen to thirty minutes. Tank pressure top offs from partially filly tanks do notably take substantially less time.
Umarex ReadyAir Replacement Components Seals

Though I have yet to do the maintenance, I love the ReadyAir. The convenience is awesome, and not having to deal with a scuba tank that always seems to be low or empty when I need it. For me this is pretty close to the ultimate survival tool as long as I have even just 12v battery power. A high accuracy precision PCP airgun paired with limitless power supply and simple pellet casting mold offers the PCP owner an option for fun that is completely independent of market trends and retail stocking abilities.

• Oilless design requires no oil or water
• Automatically shuts off at the pressure you set it to
• Smart Auto shut-off temperature protection
• Portable, modular design with integrated LED light
• Fill airguns up to 4500 psi
• Runs off 12V / 110V, no external converter box
• Easy-to-use digital control panel
• 40 amp overload protection
• 110V and 12V cables, Foster quick connect fitting, and high-pressure hose included

• Fills Umarex Gauntlet 13 CU Tank 0 - 3,000 psi in 7 minutes
• Fills Umarex AirSaber 17 CU Tank 0 - 3,625 psi in 11 minutes
• Fills Umarex Hammer 32 CU Tank 0 - 4,500 psi in 27 minutes
*Fill times may vary based on conditions such as temperature & altitude.

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