Saturday, May 1, 2021

Left Lie #2 AR15s use military designed ammo rounds

Left Lie #2 AR15s use military designed ammo rounds

We often hear from the left that ARs “Assault Rifles” use military designed rounds which is a total lie.  First, the AR acronym stands for ArmaLite Rifle who originally developed an entire series of AR rifles ranging from bolt action rifles to semiautomatic shotguns for the civilian market.  Interestings all of ArmaLite’s AR platforms were designed as modern sporting rifles in civilian calibers and later adapted as needed for military application. 

The AR-5 for example was a lightweight take-down bolt action survival gun which the US Airforce did purchase but was chambered in a commercial hunting round called the .22 Hornet and renamed with the military designation as the MA-1 Survival Rifle. Similarly the ArmaLite’s AR-10 format was originally a civil semi-automatic rifle chambered in .308 Winchester, another commercial hunting round at the time that the military adapted into the Nato standard 7.62x39 round. 

Even the anti-gun lobby's widely targeted AR-15 is and was first chambered in the .223 civilian varmint hunting round - yes the famed AR-15 was first chambered in a light rodent caliber. It is important to note that the military has a long history of adopting readily available commercial civilian firearms for military use to reduce the development time. In the Vietnam war for example, standard off the shelf Model 70 30-06 hunting rifles were used for the new sniper rifle teams and topped with standard commercially available civilian scopes. Don’t believe the lie - Military Arms almost always have their designs and ammunition based on commercially available civilian ammo. 

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You have a typo on 7.62x39 for the 308 Nato standard. Should be 7.62x51. You don't have to post this comment, I just don't have your contact info.