Saturday, May 1, 2021

Left Lie #3 - You don't Need High Capacity Magazines to Hunt With

 Left Lie #3  - You don't Need High Capacity Magazines to Hunt With

The 2nd Amendment has nothing to do with hunting and everything to do with civilian defense against foreign and domestic threats… like for example a tyrant saying that no constitutional rights are absolute. If someone said there is no reason to have a gas car, or one which exceeds all posted speed limits, certain dog breeds or any dogs over 20lbs are dangerous and should be exterminated, or that you can only have a certain number of children, people with certain views should be sent to re-education camps, only consume so much food, cannot say certain words, or be detained without cause.

Some of these are rights and some of these are not but would be seen as tyrannical behavior and unfortunately at one point or another all these have been ideas proposed by acting politicians. So why is it that we should limit our constitutional right to a certain magazine capacity when it has been shown that lawful gun owners have proven a need for such capacity in one after another self-defense situation. 

Every state and every civilian has a right to be able to take up arms to defend themselves and that does not mean only 10-rounds at a time as the anti-gun supporters have suggested. According to law enforcement shooting statistics, most LEO involved shootings only have a 20% hit ratio on the intended target during times of stress. 

To put this into perspective, that is only 2 of the 10 rounds the left is proposing as a magazine limit would and up on target and in many situations, suspects have required being shot well over 10 times to stop attacks which if we are doing math is five 10-round magazines.

Civilians do not have the luxury to call in backup as someone is kicking in their door at 3AM, they need the ability to stop the threat and that may mean a lot of rounds being fired. The bigger question is who made up the 10-round rule, why not 11 or 78, or 2. Ten rounds seems arbitrary and is when you consider all the facts. 

Don’t believe the lies - The need is real for high capacity magazines. Share this post and spread the truth.

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