Monday, May 3, 2021

Left Lie #5 - We need to Ban High Capacity Magazines

 Left Lie #5 - We need to Ban High Capacity Magazines

Common Sense seems… well sensible, until you pull back the first layer. What is common sense to one is lunacy to another. Let’s look at why the gun control left are pushing for 10-round magazine limits. Why 10-rounds, why not 53, or 27, or 3, is it really common sense why there is no rational reason why 10-rounds is being pushed. After all, why should you need to have a Juggernaut Titanium Golf Driver when a recular aluminum head is common sense or need a car that can do a 10-second quarter mile when that resulting 148-mph speeding ticket would strip your license in all fifty states. Should the government take away your car or golf clubs knowing that automobile and blunt instrument deaths outnumber firearms considerably and help cheap and break laws. 

The biggest question is why disarm and regulate the law abiding? The law abiding are not doing mass shootings, murdering people. Shouldn’t the law abiding be the most heavily armed to be able to defend themselves. Really, ask yourself why 10-rounds?

Don’t believe the lies - We do not need more gun laws. Share this article and spread the truth.

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