Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Lie Left Lie #7 - The AR-15's .223/5.56 Ammo is very Powerful

Left Lie #7 - The AR-15's .223/5.56 Ammo is very Powerful

The left would have you believe that the little 2.25” .223 or even the military 5.56 version is some wicked powerful round hell bent for death, but in reality it is a rodent hunting round and about a third as powerful as the Enfield rifle used in WWII. The AR-15’s .223 round is actually one of the smaller sized rifle rounds. In fact, the .223 was specifically selected by the Military and adapted into the NATA approved 5.56 round all in an attempt to drop carried weight by the soldier and/or increase capacity for the same weight. 

.223 vs 30-06

At that time the military also started to realize that wounding opposing forces had a far greater impact on the battlefield because attending to a wounded soldier required one or two additional soldiers which were now not able to shoot back. Even the 7.62x51 round used by snipers and most machine guns is over double the power of the little AR-15 .223 round. Respect where respect is due, the .223 round is a spicy little round, however the .223 is significantly less powerful and about half the size of the circa WWII .30-06 round and as you would guess has less range. So is the .223 “Very Powerful”? No it is a lie and in fact the similar 5.56 Nato round used in the military M16 is the smallest caliber ammunition used by militaries around the world.

Don’t believe the lies - We do not need more gun laws. Share this article and spread the truth.

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