Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Midwest Industries MI Lower Receiver Blocks Build Better, Build Faster AR and AK

Midwest Industries MI Lower Receiver Blocks Build Better, Build Faster AR and AK

There are a lot of great tools to help you gunsmith and mount your upper for barrel and accessory mounts, but not many to work on lower receivers. If you were lucky enough to score some deals on AR parts this year, then you likely need something to lend a hand with your build and upgrades to your lower receiver. MI now offers a truly fantastic set of receiver blocks for both AR-15, SR25/DPMS, and AK spec lower receivers with a very unique set of features.

Generally receiver blocks are usually good for one thing, securing a receiver for accessory mounting via a magwell, but generally little else and some are not rigid enough to handle the stress of pin setting jobs. Midwest Industries added a lot of beef to handle the heavy weight tasks and features for many other tasks that AR-15, AR-308/SR25/DPMS and AK builders face that need a third hand like gas block pin installation, trigger guard installation, fire control assembly and for AK owners sometimes a hrid hand to install the top dust cover. Midwest Industries also added some handy integrated parts trays for all these little parts that seem to be spread across your bench or lost. The AK version even has a handy bolt disassembly holder.

The mil spec AR15 version and SR25 spec receiver block versions have partial receiver and gas block insets for pin setting which is super handy versus the typical rolled up pile of towels approach to supporting and not scratching up your new receiver. For extra insurance to keep the MI receiver block stay put on your bench it even includes bench mounting holes. After using both versions of the receiver blocks for a few builds, they are also handy for installing the take down pins, setting the bolt release pins, and buttstock assemblies.

Gunsmithing supplies are many times expensive, but the MI versions are just under $40 and $45 each which is extremely affordable considering the quality. Frankly even if it just saves one slip of a punch that damages a new receiver it is worth it. Also consider MI Pro level receiver rods for AR15 and 308s and a pro level armorers wrench that should definitely be considered if you want the best tools available for AR assembly. While you are at it take a peak at all the other Midwest Industries products that include some of the best handguards in the business.

●    Models Designed to work with Mil-Spec AR15 and SR25 lowers
●    High-strength polymer construction
●    Allows for gas block roll pin installation
●    Mounting holes for attachment to bench or alternative work surface
●    Parallel edges for vice use
●    Trigger guard installation section
●    Allows lower to be held for multiple aspects of assembly
●    Fire control pin assembly
●    Able to hold complete firearm for maintenance
●    Small parts tray
●    Weight: About 12.0 oz
●    Height: 6.5”
●    Length: 5.0”
●    Width: 1.25”
●    Made in the USA

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