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Founders Cigar Co - More than Just Cigars

Founders Cigar Co - More than Just Cigars

I hate it when life gets in the way of a good article and fine cigars, but so is life. I met the Founders Club cigar team virtually after seeing an email from them really stand out amongst the hundreds of Memorial Day offers. I ordered an executive box, a few accessories, and some sample packs to try. Then life happened. My older dogs passed and our new little puppy had to have two separate knee surgeries from a genetic defect, a promotion at my real job, and my magazine editor (2nd job) having some rush articles all tied me up so much I could not break away to smoke a cigar. As a long time cigar smoker, it is hard to talk about how amazing a cigar is if you actually have not cut the end lit the damn thing.

Cigars are a magical thing to behold and once you enjoy a really amazing cigar you are hooked. You can start with a simple and inexpensive vanilla flavored large ring-gauge cigar or you can reach for something smoother, spicer, heavier, bolder… all with different flavor profiles. In many ways fine cigars are a lot like understanding fine wine. Cigars can be constructed many different ways with many different types of tobacco or even the same tobacco can be treated differently and taste totally different based on time of harvest, curing, aging, environmental influences, and region. Tobacco colors range from a pale brown, to green, to almost dark black leaves. All have different tastes and profiles. The skill of the master cigar roller and maker is to not only produce an attractive well rolled cigar, but to understand how the wrapper tobacco or blends merge with the filler tobaccos which could be single or likely a blend of different tobaccos.

It takes a huge amount of experience to put the right tobacco leaves together into something that looks great, burns and draws well, tastes amazing. You could likely live your entire life and never experience every cigar and this is why they are so special and unique. After trying a lot of brands, you start to understand what you like and your style. I generally like a large ring gauge cigar with a middle of the road mouthfeel and flavor, but I had friends who loved eiter super mild or the very strong and bold cigars. Founders Cigars offers a number of cigar options from different regions which allows someone to experience many different flavor profiles from just one cigar brand. They also really try and deliver an accessible affordable smoke the average Joe can afford and I think they have done an exceptional job.
The accessories are high quality as well

The problem for new cigar smokers is they usually are overwhelmed when starting out with 1000s of brands on the market. The industry turned around starting in 1992 with Gen X discovering cigars and Boomers re-entering the market to try new brands. We have an entirely new set of Millennials and older GenZ buyers which are becoming cigar smokers. The cigar industry support has grown with a huge amount of south American and surrounding county growth including in the US. The quality is higher, the competition is high and the prices have remained fairly steady since the 1990s for a quality cigar. Most premium cigars are priced around the $10/cigar, but many of the historically consistent super premium brands do push their prices well beyond that into the $15-$30 a cigar range. Founder’s Cigars are by contrast priced right around $10 which is a great price for a high quality well made cigar.

So what is Founder’s Cigars about? I really connected with what they were doing as a company and were not “just another cigar brand”. THey were doing things that connect back to the military and those that serve and let’s face it, I am also a sucker for a good Pandemic story.

Founders Cigar Co. began with a small group of friends who started meeting weekly for bonfires and cigars in the early days of the 2020 pandemic. At a time when the rest of the world was shut down, cigars served as a surprising catalyst for connection.

Founders was created to empower others toward the same, drawing on the rich history of the American experience to deliver timeless smokes with distinctive profiles that fuel conversation, inspire friendship, and build community.

Our cigars seek to embody the immutable characteristics of the men and women who made America the great nation she is today. Crafted from the finest tobaccos, each stick reflects a unique part of the American identity.

By honoring the rich diversity of America’s founding personalities, we hope to bring friends and strangers together for great smokes that hearken to a free people marked by common destiny. E pluribus unum!

Back more than a few months ago, Founders Cigar Company did something different for a Memorial Day sale and instead promoted a partnership with Operation: Cigars For Warriors. The program is a “purchase and donation” promotion that will allow customers to “buy a cigar for the troops” - For only $8.50, a customer can purchase a cigar, which is then matched by Founders with an additional stick (cigar) and sent every month to Operation: CFW’s Operations Center for inclusion in care packages. That was not just one event, but a series of give back programs for our warrior community.

There are a lot of different types of cigar smokers that range from those that always look like they are channeling Patton with a steely eyed gaze to me who tend to love the social nature and allow myself to slow down and reflect. I was very much looking forward to trying the Founder’s Cigar brand, because it would have been something my closest and best friend would have loved. He was a history buff, patriot and deep red conservative. In reality, the last cigar I smoked was a few years ago with him shortly before he unexpectedly passed and I had been maybe waiting for a sign that it was again OK to clip the end, toast and carefully light a cigar and enjoy one thinking of him… you know without bawling my eyes out into my scotch.

The Maduro was my first cigar from the sampler pack and as they say in the food world, it was the “perfect bite”. It was that reflective smooth even smoke I wanted as I sat outside on a perfect evening enjoying a few glasses of Scotch quietly reflecting about how he would have enjoyed it. I imagined him up there with my other two dogs that just passed in the last year, all having a great old time. I enjoyed the cigar and cheered to his friendship. That is what cigars are about for me.

That time to slow down and concentrate on what is important, time to get your brain right, to come together with old friends and make some new ones. Cigars make you slow down, the way they burn, if you rush them you get an uneven burning cigar, so that reminder is there to slow you down, enjoy the time and not rush the smoke.

Founders Cigar Co Sample Packs - Everyone should start with the Founder’s Cigar sample pack that includes their four main cigars - Dual Wrap, Franklin Connecticut, Douglas Habano, and Roosevelt Maduro.

Founders Cigar Co Executive Box Set $299 - If you have a patriot that loves cigars, I really cannot think of a better gift than this Executive Box set that includes:
  • 16 Toro 6×52 Cigars (choose one of four blends or the Sampler) – $160.00 Value
  • Custom Butane Zippo Lighter (Made in USA!) – $75.00 Value
  • Custom Combo V-Cut & Punch Cigar Cutter – $75.00 Value
  • Custom Cigar Box made of Mahogany by Woodchuck USA – $50.00 Value
  • Total Value – $360.00

The Executive Box set is extremely well made and includes everything that a cigar lover would want and need to properly enjoy their cigars… well maybe you will still need a good Scotch.

Founders Cigar Co Signature Dual Wrap Cigar - Our Signature Dual Wrap cigar is a dual-wrap homage to the rugged royalty of the original Mr. President, who led our new nation to freedom and virtue with nobility and poise. Cut in “barber pole” style, it combines a medium Ecuadorian Habano wrapper with superb Connecticut shade. With a Nicaraguan binder and long-fill from Nicaraguan Condega & Estelí and Dominican Olor, this smooth, savory smoke unites brave flavors with cool and calm.

Founders Cigar Co Franklin Connecticut Cigar - Inspired by the wit and wisdom of Poor Richard himself, our Franklin Connecticut is an ode to American ingenuity. At all points inventive and inviting, this stick uses the choicest blend of Nicaraguan Estelí & Condega and Dominican-grown (Villa Gonzalez) filler, a Ecuadorian Habano 2000 binder, and a silky, Ecuadorian Connecticut shade wrapper. It’s an elegant smoke worthy of the First American.

Founders Cigar Co Douglas Habano - Named for the famous orator and abolitionist, our Douglass Habano honors America’s restless appetite for freedom. Built with a blend of aged Nicaraguan Estelí & Condega and Dominican fillers, this stick focuses its flavors with fight and flourish. Topped off with a beautiful Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, these sticks are packed with promise!

Founders Cigar Co Roosevelt Maduro - Our Roosevelt Maduro is a whimsical nod to the Cowboy Conservationist, an apt symbol of the best of American strength and swagger. This dark, medium-bodied cigar offers a combination of well-aged Nicaraguan & Dominican fillers and Ecuadorian binder, wrapped in a bold Ecuadorian Maduro wrapper. It’s a bombastic, exuberant smoke steeped with T.R.’s taste for adventure!

Founders Cigar Co Hamilton Candela - The newly added cigar is named after Alexander Hamilton, who has been one of our most requested historical figures to name a cigar after. The interesting thing about Hamilton is that he was the chief architect of the American financial and banking system. Naming our green wrapper cigar after the man greatly influential for our ‘greenback’ system seemed only fitting! Hamilton also fought in the American Revolutionary War, had a hand in drafting the Constitution and served as the first secretary of the treasury for the United States of America.

If you just want to try some great cigars, hit their site at to buy some great cigars from a veteran operated business.

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