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Literally The Best Neck Knife Ever - Fallkniven WM1

Literally The Best Neck Knife Ever - Fallkniven WM1

As a self professed knife nerd and aficionado I am always on the quest for the best knife for any task. My lifetime knife passion even led to founding and running one of the first and largest online knife retailers in the world all the way back in the late 1990s. Without offending the alphabet people or gender unidentifiable, I think I found the best neck knife ever and it's a woman’s knife, the Fallkniven WM1, not really; Fallkniven literally named it based on “WoMen”.

Today, I buy my knives just like everyone else, but the circle of brands I trust continuously shrinks based on testing. For instance, I think Gransfors makes the best axe, Victorinox and Leatherman the best multi-tools, Chris Reeves the best general purpose folder and Extrema Ratio the best defensive knives. But for an all around utility and survival knife, Fallkniven gets my money with laminated premier tier steels, insane edge-holding, handle comfort, and edge geometry.

For the last twenty or so years, I have attempted to find a neck knife that I really like and is also legal to carry. Even in my very conservative state, our “moron laws” state any blade over 3.5-inches is a weapon, but under that is just a "tool." So the double edged 3.5-inch serrated push dagger is fine to conceal, but not a 3.8-inch Fallkniven F1 fixed blade. Concealing a 3.6-inch blade is a felony, a 3.5-inch blade you are just a guy with a box opener… moron laws.

The other issue is that I like a standard drop point blade for general purpose utility use with a real actual handle. Going to the max; a legally concealable 3.5-inch bladed knife with a realistic handle is going to easily be over 8-inches long which looks like you are hiding a dildo under your shirt. I needed something overall shorter and thinner. Oddly, the Mora Eldris knife kit is unbelievably amazing for $44 that includes a fire steel but the fat stumpy hand filling handle profile makes it look like… well, a shorter dildo under your shirt.

Then it hit me, why not the Fallkniven WM1. Yeah… yeah I know technically the WM1 was designed as a woman's knife and Fallkniven literally named it based on “WoMen”, but hey I am solid on my sexuality after decades of marriage. The Fallknifen WM1 is the perfect neck knife for a variety of reasons besides making me feel sexy when shirtless.

First off is the rather magical Fallkniven 2.8-inch COS steel blade that seems to continue cutting like a lightsaber long after it should be dull. If you have not tried COS steel, it is an experience that is truly worth the hype of premium steels. The blade geometry also helps the blade stay insanely sharp, so even after a lot of use, you never have to search around for an area on the blade that is still sharp. The blade size also does not get the “OMG he has a knife” reaction like a larger blade. Generally, I get a "that's a handy little knife". At just under 3-inches, it's not a lot of blade but the cutting ability of this blade defensively is not something anyone would want to go against and about what you get these days from a blade length on a defensive karambit.

Overall, the Fallkniven WM1 knife is under the 7-inch mark at 6.75-inches and also has a very flat .39-inch handle which still affords a full grasp for hard cutting chores. The net is that the knife lays flat and is barely perceptible under a shirt as a neck knife and still usable as a real tool.

Then we get to carry. The Fallkniven Thermorun minimalist sheaths are not what I would call sexy, but they do work well. No they are not Kydex, but if you do really use a knife and get it nice and dirty, the loose feeling Thermorun Fallkniven sheath will actually work better than a tight snap fit custom molded Kydex sheath. My only complaint is that knife tension is just a bit light and without using the snap handle strap, they can come out of the sheath during vigorous play.

Though I have never accidentally cut myself from a tip-up neck knife dropping out, I have had more than my share of knives falling on the ground. I recalled the survival "expert" Cody Lundin did note the same and usually carries his knife around his neck but tip-down noting safety and knife retention. Almost a year later after carrying this knife tip-down with the handle up, I have had zero issues and it makes so much more sense. Plus top access is so much more elegant. I can just gently pull out my shirt collar and pull up a knife rather than fishing all the way under my shirt and looking like a pervert groping myself.

After searching the world wide interweb for custom Kydex WM1 sheaths, I wondered if I could just make the factory Fallkniven sheath work. I drilled out the nylon webbing rivets and laced some paracord through the vacant holes. What did my eyes behold, a rather perfect tip-down balancing sheath with about twice as much retention thanks to the paracord pressure against the handle. It is perfect… literally perfect. I do have a strangling concern with knotted 550 paracord around a neck. I use a plastic cord-lock to secure the paracord ends for a failure point should the paracord become caught on something like a tree branch or Russian hit man's hand. It does take a decent yank to have the paracord pass through the cord-lock, but I will not choke to death on $2 worth of paracord.

With this, I present to you the absolute best neck knife money can buy that conceals without unsightly dildo bulges and nestles ever so beautifully between my marginally out of shape man boobs. Yes I am carrying a woman’s knife and love it… shhh it will be our secret.

Fallkniven WM1 Specs

- Blade Length: 2.8"

- Overall Length: 6.75"

- Blade Material: Laminated Cobalt Steel

- Blade Thickness: 0.14"

- Blade Hardness: 60 HRC

- Blade Style: Drop Point

- Blade Grind: Convex

- Blade Finish: Satin

- Handle Material: Thermorun

- Handle Thickness: 0.39"

- Sheath Material: Zytel

- Weight: 2.5 oz.

- Weight with Sheath: 4.2 oz.

- Made in Sweden

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