Thursday, September 7, 2023

Major Pandemic’s Hip Pocket Survival - Survival Water & Food Planning

Major Pandemic’s Hip Pocket Survival - Survival Water & Food Planning

This is a quick series originally started from discussions with friends and family who had no clue where to start with basic survival 101. Survival Water & Food planning is one of the most essential keys to survival. Most people around the world are dependent on stores to provide their daily immediate food needs and most estimates are that the average American only has about three days of food. If there is any supply disruption at all [cough like Covid] then there is panic. The goal for everyone really should be at least a month of food and preferably a year. Water should be something that is readily available at the tap, however having a weeks’ worth of water should be a minimum requirement. Here are some recommendations to plan out your food.

  • Water

    • There have been many situations where tap water was undrinkable due to contamination. Having bottled water and a way to filter a water source into drinkable water is a must have even in modern society. 

    • A gallon of bottled water per day per person for one week.

    • Water filtration systems such as Sawyer filters or LifeStraws can filter nearly any water source into drinkable water. Most Sawyer filters are usable up to 100K gallons of water.

    • WaterBob - A special water bag that fits in your tub which can allow you to use your tub as a giant fresh water storage container.

  • Food

    • A month of food is recommended for each member of the household

    • Additionally simple dried fruit snacks and energy bars are a great idea

    • Basic dried and canned foods are also a good staple to have such as rice, pasta, and beans and canned food such as sauces and ready to eat foods like chili and other similar meals.

    • Other options such as dried “just add water” boxed meals are good backup options.

    • Don’t forget foot for your pet(s) - during the Covid pandemic pet food shortages were worldwide.

  • Cooking

    • Most gas grill have the ability to grill and heat up a pan and boil water,

    • Cans of Sterno or similar are handy quick options when the power and gas is off. Of note fondue pots are great options to use with sterno, effective heating pots, and deliver some entertainment value.

    • A backup kerosene camp stove with a gallon of kerosene.

    • Don’t forget an extra tank of propane.

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