Saturday, November 11, 2023

AFT Brace Rule Shot Down!!! Nov 2023


Brace Rule Shot Down!!! Nov 8th 2023

A few weeks ago I had a great one on one conversation with Tom Grieve from the below Youtube channel Tom Grieve Law. Tom was trying to attempt to assist me with understanding what was still legal for an upcoming article and not legal under the brace ban, however he also noted to "let's let this play out over the next month or so".  I waited and was pleasantly very surprised.

We are not totally in the clear, however the national injunction does afford us protection while the court finalizes the ruling.

Please take a look at the two videos to get more info. Tom will give the nerd deep dive and Colion Noir (also an attorney) offers the summary... and snarky commentary.

Fantastic win for 2A!!!

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