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AI Powered Reloading Data Finder

AI Powered Reloading Data Finder

MajorPandemic's Becky Bunker AI Powered Reloading Data + ballistics calculator + a whole lot more.

Cheats & Ideas

  • Can you give me load for a 7-30 waters?

  • Compare these loads [list the loads]

  • Offer powder suggestions similar to TiteGroup

  • Can you compare relative energy accross all handgun loads and tell me which has the lowest powder used to ft/lb energy delivered ratio

  • How does this compare to all other handgun loads

  • What are some good loads for the 7.62x45

  • What can I use Alcan AL5 powder for?

  • What are the ballistic calculations for a 7wsm 145gr LRX 3200 fps 60 degrees Fahrenheit 1000 ft elevation 30 pressure, give me a bullet drop table by every 50 yards

    • Give be breakouts for 13 MPH 45-degree crosswind

  • What about a 55gr .223 bullet with a .255 bc at 3000ft/s zeroed at 200 yard

  • What is the BC of the Hornady .223 bullets

  • Have fun asking questions…shocking what Becky can answer.

  • Can you create a theoretical cartridge base on….

  • Can you project the penetration of this load in ballistics gelatin.

  • Can you calculate cup pressure.

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